one boring day at work a colleague and i decided to watch the BBC jamcams of london hoping that the abject misery displayed on the faces of drivers stuck in conjestion would make us feel happy with our lot. what happened next was to change the rest of our lives (well about 5 months actually. the friend has now departed to his home country of portugal).

we thought it would be a good idea to capture pictures of ourselves on the various cameras dotted around london during our breaks and visits to the bank. now, looking at the pictures you may think that we are identical, but in fact the pictures all all of me. this is because we developed specialised roles for our new camtagging operation. luis was the man in control, he worked out the refresh rate on the pictures and he told me where to go and how long to stay there.

the first was at the junction of portland street and mortimer street. i stood on the pavement on my own for about 8 minutes and was rewarded with two pictures captured by luis. there was an instant need to get out there and tag some more cameras, it was very odd. now, a lot of people spend more time standing round than 8 minutes, but standing there, knowing that i was not waiting for anyone made it seem like half an hour.

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this could turn into a new game perhaps called tagcam or camtag. the objective is to travel round london 'tagging' all of the jam cams in the shortest time. it would involve a team consisting 'runners' and controllers. the controllers would be responsible for directing the runners, and saving the pictures.

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